Why WAVE Educational Tours :

Inspire your students through culturally immersive educational travel ...

We arrange programs that fit to your needs. We work for you to arrange best programmed full of all activities, classes, workshops, events etc. Which is for students? We work with students so we look and think about things from their point of view. We took new ideas from then we give shape to their ideas. Before starting to plan a camp for them we ask them for their ideas and make camping program in for them. We always try to fulfill their needs and even parents needs for their wards.

We design and plan after focusing on each and every detail. We focus that students learn leadership skills, tricks, self developments and all other components.

"Experience difference with wave educational tour"

Holidays which gives you different experience is with us. We want that studentís focus on all points. We create environment for students in which they can practice new activities with learning and brushing up with knowledge. We believe that learning with new and technical skills.

From the program of activities to the quality of accommodation, tour manager, language teachers and administration everything has been provided for so that you can entrust your children too our care with a feeling of security. They will return with everlasting fantastic memories of their holidays.